Our Vision

We hope that The Greenhouse Mum & Pumpkin Patch is a place where plant-lovers, both new and experienced, can shop and soak in the beauty around them. We aim to created a space where you feel the urge to enjoy one of our rocking chairs that sit on the front porch of Maggy’s Place. Since we can learn so much from those around us, we want to create a sense of community, where everyone (no matter how green your thumb is), can share their tips and tricks of the trade.

Meet the Team

Here at The Greenhouse Mum & Pumpkin Patch, we are thankful to have such a great team of family and friends who work hard to help our customers.

All of this could not be possible without the love and support of Jimmy’s loving wife of over 40 years, Karen Thrasher. After retiring from a career of teaching nursing, Karen and Jimmy set out to spend their retirement growing a business that brings smiles, beautiful plants and fun to the Somerset (and surrounding) communities.

Our valued team also includes Barb Boyer; our planter-extraordinaire, Jim Foster, Vicki Hood & Roslyn Alison.

“I am truly thankful for the family and friends who have made my dream a reality. Our days are full of hard work, sweat and laughter, and I couldn’t imagine sharing that with a better group of loved ones!” – Jimmy Thrasher


Jimmy Thrasher


A former PE Teacher and retired Principle [Phelps Elementary], Jimmy continues to share his love of watching things grow here at the Greenhouse Mum & Pumpkin Patch. Jimmy started this business a little over 20 years ago driven by his passion to share smiles and the happiness that comes from blooming flowers all-around. Jimmy’s extensive knowledge of plant-life makes him an invaluable resource for the customers who continue to shop here season after season. You will almost always find his pal Maggy (pictured above) close by his side as he helps customers during the selling seasons.


Dustin Thrasher


As the youngest of Jimmy’s two sons, Dustin has always shared his fathers love of watching things grow. He spent his weekends and summers while growing up helping the family business. After college Dustin decided to move back to Somerset to partner with Jimmy. Since his return he has spearheaded the addition of garden herbs to the section of plant life found at The Greenhouse. Because of his extensive knowledge of the culinary and all-natural healing benefits – Jimmy has lovingly nicknamed him the “Herb Man”.  You will find Dustin making sure all the processes during the day are running smoothly and helping customers during both the on & off seasons.


Ashley Jones

Marketing & Sales

A former “Lexatonian” and business development & marketing specialist, Ashley followed her heart and moved to Somerset to start a small town life with Dustin Thrasher and their (now) 3 dogs. Ashley immediately fell in love with the Thrasher family and the business. Over the years she has enjoyed watching the happiness and smiles The Greenhouse Mum & Pumpkin Patch brings to all those who shop here. You will find Ashley in the front selling during both seasons as well as working alongside Jimmy and Dustin to manage all of the marketing and sales efforts for the business.

Next Steps…

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